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03/19/09 07:10 AM #9    

Robert Skinner

Merle thanks for your work on this. I want to contribute to the cost so let me know how to pay you something. Do you have a list of e-mail addresses for some of our class members? I would like to have that if you have it.
Again thanks and I look forward to seeing you some day soon. You live in Havre? Wow, you must have a lot of long underwear eh?

05/08/09 10:02 PM #10    

Sheryl Jordan

Hi. Does anyone know how/where I can reach Karen DALE Haines or Tina Torgrimson? Thanks. Can't wait to see all of you for the 45th. XX Sheryl Jordan

07/03/09 06:51 PM #11    

Richard Vick

Howdy Merle, and all you other beautiful people that I didn't get to see at the 40th. This is a great site, and I commend you Merle old friend for doing this. I live near Boise, but tell me what I can do to help.
Thanks and God Bless,
Dick Vick

07/19/09 01:13 PM #12    

Merle Hoerner

another 39th too

04/13/12 11:05 AM #13    

Valerie Stone

Does anyone remember Russ Crase?  He was a year or two above us, but Larry was in our year?  I went to Washington, D.C. last week to visit my youngest son and we went to the Vietnam Memorial.  After looking at many, many names, Gabriel (my son) looked on his phone and found the stone that his name was on. It's a good thing he looked, because unbeknownst to me, Russ's first name was Lionel, and he was listed as "Lionel R. Crase".  I took a photo, but I have to wait for someone to help me figure out how to upload it.  I know he's not in our class, but Larry's not on the list of people who have found this site and I thought it would be nice to remember Russ if that's OK.  --Valerie Stone

P.S.  I just now looked at the "In Memoriam" page and read that Ron Tanner died in Vietnam.  I had no idea.

05/29/12 08:47 AM #14    

Joseph "Mac" Swan (Swan--She Let Me Keep It. )



Great idea!  Thanks for putting this together.  Elizabeth Tomlinson sent me the link today. 



07/07/12 04:56 PM #15    

Valerie Stone

I'm going to be in Missoula for a few days over the third weekend in July.  My brother, Craig, is going up for his 40th reunion, and I'm driving up with him.  We're staying at the Edgewater.  I'll be there from the 20th -22nd and my cell # is 925-408-3871 if anyone wants to get in touch.  Otherwise, I'll just wait until next year.. :-)  Valerie

10/21/14 04:53 PM #16    

Robert Skinner

I noticed that Steve LePaine is not listed as deceased.  I know he was a Missoula police officer that died in an auto accident as I recall.  Not sure who maintains the memory portion, but I believe this is what happened to him.  Here is a link:


10/21/14 06:36 PM #17    

Merle Hoerner

Thanks Bob. I do remember the incident I put that in there

Thanks again


04/20/15 08:51 AM #18    


Gary Waller


The pictures look great from Locksa gathering. I am retiring next year from Northwest Nazarene University and should be more available for some of these things. It is interesting that with a graduation class so large I didn't know everyone so it would be nice to connect with some I never knew.

Have a great day,

Gary Waller

02/16/18 07:57 AM #19    

Hal Powell

Merle, Great website. Thanks for doing all the work. It will be great to catch up with all you hosers this summer( and the rest of you too),  I will start looking for lost classmates. 

Hal Powell

05/17/18 06:14 PM #20    

Llonda Bean (Putz)

Thank you for all the work you are all doing for the Reunion!  Anything I can do from afar I am willing!  Just let me know!


05/21/18 07:27 AM #21    


Gary Waller

It is good to see all the great posts. I wish I could be with you for the reunion but I will be out of country. I will continue to follow you all on this site. Gary

05/22/18 02:00 PM #22    

Sheila Larkin

 Merle, rather impressed with this website, thank you.  Phenomenal effort! I regret to inform you that I am not able to attend our 50th reunion. Please express my regrets to all who attend. 

06/03/18 04:02 PM #23    

Robert Skinner

Does anyone know where Janis Krieg is or whether she is coming to our 50th?  

06/04/18 08:45 AM #24    

Steve Roehl

Hi Bob, I don't know where she is. When visiting Missoula several years ago I saw and talked with her at Costco, she was doing the free sample thing. Other than that, I got bupkiss.

06/05/18 10:19 AM #25    

Vicki Marshall (Cocchiarella)

Bob and Steve. I send her a post card at a Missoula address which hasn’t come back. That’s a good sign.  I used to see her a lot when I was I the legislature as her husband would bring her to events where he represented a health care entity.  Im not at home until Thursday. I’ll get you more information then. I think she might still be in Missoula. Hope she come too. 

06/16/18 12:41 PM #26    

Sheila Larkin

 For those of you inquiring about Russ Crase:  he was one or two years ahead of us and was engaged to Wyn Wakely. If I recall correctly he was killed 4 months after arriving in Vietnam. There was a closed casket service in Arlington, 1968.

06/28/18 07:38 PM #27    

Alan Joscelyn

Hey there, classmates, Pam and I are looking forward to seeing all of you at our 50th reunion in a couple weeks.  I’ve shoehorned in a book signing Saturday, the 14th, from 10 – 11 a.m., in the lobby of the Grant Creek Inn, which is located at the north end of Reserve, just past the I-90 interchange, and behind Starbucks.  I’ll have my three Miles Patrick and Casie Irish novels, plus A Fierce Joy, my small book of memoirs and philosophic musings from a lifetime of running.  Grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks and  come in and see me.  We can talk about our English classes at Hellgate.

06/29/18 08:21 AM #28    

Michelle Beese (Beese)

Sounds exciting Alan!  Will you take a credit card?  I am sure looking forward to seeing you!


Michelle Beese (AKA: Mickey Dwyer)


06/29/18 07:40 PM #29    

Alan Joscelyn

Hey Mickey, your reply made me smile, because it is so wonderful it to reconnect with friends from such an important time in our lives.

Sorry, I haven't made the jump to cards, but from you I will  take a check, an IOU, or even a solemn promise to send a check.  My notion is to put my stories in the hands of people who might enjoy them and to have some fun in the process. 

See you in a couple weeks.

Hey, has anyone else recognized that we are the class of '68 and we, give or take, all are 68 years old on the occasion of our 50th reunion?  How neat is that?  Once in a hundred years, right?  Recognizing I only squeaked through math because Mr. Proctor and Mr. Zieg took pity on me.  I always knew we were something special.    


06/30/18 09:35 AM #30    

Michelle Beese (Beese)

I will bring my checkbook!  I checked out your books on Amazon!  WOW!  Can hardly wait to see you!




04/12/21 04:58 PM #31    


Gary Waller

Good afternoon.

I just finished my third book since retiring. It is "Giants, Saints, and Heroes: Scripture stories Brought to Life". My other books are on Amazon under Gary Lee Waller. I apologize if this is shameless advertizing, but hoped you would like to know.

On another note, my wife Ann and I have just survived Covid-19. We are still a bit tired but recovering. I am scheduled for surgery on May 4 so am glad Covid is done since it postponed this surgery once. This will be on my back and neck. I have had 21 surgeries prior to this and done well. Any prayers would be appreciated. 

Blessings to you all, I enjoy reading your posts.



04/13/21 07:45 AM #32    

Laurel Nordby (Tully)

Speedy recovery Gary.  Congrats on the new book.


04/14/21 02:21 PM #33    

Llonda Bean (Putz)

Prayers for a successful surgery and will definitely read your book! Thank you for the info!

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